Other Services

Mentor Programs

Mentoring is an important element in the academic way of life, and a mentoring process is mandated in many universities.  A mentor provides his or her mentee with advice, guidance, perspective, wisdom, counsel and perhaps even inspiration.  Currently, AUPO offers mentoring programs for Chairs, Program Directors, and Administrators.

Membership Mailing Lists

Permission to use AUPO mailing lists may be granted to members, organizations, firms or individuals who agree to and comply with the terms and conditions. The use of AUPO mailing lists may be approved to promote products, events and/or services of interest to AUPO’s membership and related to research, education and patient care. Advance payment is required and all mailing pieces must be submitted for review and approval before orders are processed.  Lists are provided in printed label format only. Requests for email addresses will be declined.

AUPO Mailing List Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 

AUPO Mailing List Rental Policy and Order Form  

AUPO Confidentiality Agreement for Mailing List (Licensee) Form 


Faculty and Administration Compensation Survey

AUPO conducted three salary surveys in 2006, 2012, 2017 and 2019.  These surveys represent the most comprehensive compensation data in academic ophthalmology and include ophthalmologists, optometrists, scientists and administrators in departments and divisions of ophthalmology within academic medical centers. Also considered is region of the country, academic rank, and subspecialty.  

Surveys are conducted approximately every two years. This effort demonstrates AUPO’s commitment to its Chair members by providing critical information that supports fair remuneration to their faculty and staff.  Survey data is confidential and available for purchase by Chairs only.

AUPO Fellowship Compliance Committee

The Fellowship Compliance Committee (FCC), an AUPO Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), was created in 2005 to provide uniform standards for ophthalmology fellowship training and educational programs.  Through these standards, the AUPO FCC offers protection of the public, institutions, and trainees; accountability; and enforcement.  To date, seven ophthalmic subspecialties (Cornea, External Disease and Refractive Surgery; Glaucoma; Neuro-Ophthalmology; Oncology/Pathology; Pediatric Ophthalmology; Surgical Retina; and Uveitis), supported by eight ophthalmic subspecialty societies, voluntarily participate in the compliance program.

To apply for AUPO FCC compliance, or to view compliant fellowship program lists, subspecialty fellowship program requirements, fellow surgical procedure statistics, and more visit AUPO FCC

SF Match Residency and Fellowship Matching Services

AUPO members voted to establish the Ophthalmology Residency Matching Program (OMP) in November 1977 to coordinate the PGY-2 appointments for ophthalmology training programs and to relieve the pressure on applicants and Program Directors resulting from early appointments and uncoordinated appointment dates. The program supplements the PGY-1 matching services of the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP). It is timed to allow applicants to know their PGY-2 placement in ophthalmology before they submit their rank list for PGY-1 choices.  AUPO sponsors the matching process and is responsible for enforcement of applicable rules.

SF Match is a residency and fellowship matching service and is strictly limited to the processing of the match. The SF Match office does not sponsor or approve any of the participating programs.