Annual Meeting 

A major focus for AUPO is its annual meeting. At this four-day event, members gather to attend the programs and network informally. Educational content covers the three missions of academic departments: research, education and patient care. The meeting comprises a host of symposia, workshops, and sessions for chairs, residency program directors and associate program directors, research directors, directors of medical student education, administrators, residency program coordinators, as well as other faculty members.

Educating the Educators, a one-day educational session developed by the program directors, was integrated into the annual meeting structure in 2008. Incorporating symposia, papers, posters, and exhibits, this event is highly-anticipated and attended. 

Breakfast with Colleagues sessions were initiated in 2012. This popular activity provides productive one-on-one collaboration opportunities for members. These breakfast round-table networking sessions are an occasion for members to interact face-to-face with a group leader and other members with common interests at the table. Each table has a theme ranging from finances to leadership to philanthropy and more. 

Boot Camp for New Chairs, introduced in 2017, is a program for Members who are within approximately three years of assuming the Chair position at their current academic affiliation. The purpose of the program is to provide new chairs with advice and perspective on successful strategies for leading departments of ophthalmology, and offers an opportunity for additional networking opportunities in a collegial environment.

Administrators and Residency Program Coordinators and Managers, who participate in AUPO symposia and workshops, also develop and offer concurrent educational sessions that are pertinent to their roles.

Future Annual Meetings 

AUPO’s annual meeting dates and locations are planned several years in advance. Dates generally fall during the last week of January and the location alternates between western, central and eastern regions.

Other Meetings 

Each year, AUPO co-sponsors a Symposium and a Breakfast with Experts table at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. These sessions offer additional resources for individuals seeking content related to resident and medical student education. Check the Other Meetings page periodically for updates about other AUPO-sponsored or co-sponsored educational opportunities.

Meeting Archive 

Past annual meeting programs and syllabi, along with audio recordings synched with slide presentations of selected sessions, are available in AUPO’s Meeting Archive.