Surgical Curriculum for Ophthalmology Residents (SCOR) Advanced Cataract and Anterior Segment Skills

Thank you to all the Trainers and Residents who participated in the September 30th Workshop!

The next SCOR scheduled session is on March 24 and 25 in Las Vegas. This will be two separate back-to-back SCOR programs for 72 residents each. Pre-registration for trainers and residents will be open later this fall.

AUPO’s Surgical Curriculum for Ophthalmology Residents (SCOR) program is a unique opportunity for PGY4 residents to receive advanced, hands-on, one-on-one training in cataract and anterior segment skills. The program consists of three components: a skills transfer workshop, distance learning and assessments.

This page provides an overview of the AUPO SCOR program.

SCOR Program History

AUPO has been actively working on a standardized surgical curriculum for ophthalmology residents since 2018. The objective is to help programs achieve their goal of training residents who are expected to be competent in a broad range of basic and advanced surgical skills. These efforts were spurred by discussions with the American Board of Ophthalmology (ABO), ophthalmology chairs and residency program directors, along with encouragement from industry.

“The lab was fantastic. I think this is a terrific undertaking and the future potential seems incredible. I loved the one-on-one time with an attending.”

 - Michigan resident, May/June 2021

SCOR Program Mission

The mission of AUPO’s SCOR program is to provide a standardized system of surgical training and assessment of competency for ophthalmology residents.

Root Problems Addressed by the SCOR Program

  • The lack of a definition of surgical “competence” creates variability in proficiency among board certified ophthalmologists.
  • The lack of accessible educational resources to support surgical competency creates variability in skill sets among board certified ophthalmologists.
  • Variability of surgical competency among ophthalmology residents can lead to adverse patient outcomes.

New York Faculty: “Fantastic. The best wet lab for trainees I've ever attended or participated in.”

 - New York faculty, May/June 2021

SCOR Program Goals

To provide:

  • Equal opportunity for all ophthalmology residents to access outstanding, standardized surgical training and assessment
  • Access to multiple surgical platforms and training in basic and advanced surgical techniques
  • Equitable representation of equipment and supplies
  • Standardization of objective in-program and in-person assessment
  • Data-driven curriculum
  • Blended learning (online and in-person) and learner-centric design (built for residents)

Upcoming SCOR Workshops

  • March 24 and 25, Las Vegas, NV


The AUPO Surgical Curriculum for Ophthalmology Residents (SCOR) program is supported by educational grants from:

  • Alcon
  • Bausch + Lomb
  • Johnson & Johnson

SCOR Team Leaders

Shahzad Mian, MD, Director
Grace Sun, MD, Skills Transfer Team Leader
Stephen Armenti, MD, PhD, Trainer Team Leader
Seth Pantanelli, MD, MBA, Multimedia Committee Leader
Jeff Pettey, MD, MBA, Distance Learning Team Leader
Stacy Pineles, MD, Assessment Team Leader
Steven Feldon, MD, MBA, AUPO Executive Vice President

Many volunteers have contributed to the development of this program. Our deepest gratitude to all who have helped make the AUPO SCOR program a reality.


Contact the AUPO office at or (415) 561-8548.

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