The State of Ophthalmology Medical Student Education in the United States: An Update

Nathaniel R Moxon, Anju Goyal, JoAnn A Giaconi, Jamie B Rosenberg, Emily B Graubart, Evan L Waxman, Daniel Knoch, Susan H Forster, Privthi S Sankar, Rukhsana G Mirza
Ophthalmology. 2020 Nov; 127(11): 1451–1453
November 2020
32437862, PMCID: PMC7211606

This review was authored by many members of the AUPO Medical Student Educators to provide a continued assessment of ophthalmic medical student education. The report detailed findings of a 2018 survey of medical student educators. Findings included: 

  1. The decline of ophthalmology’s role in medical student curricula has slowed or even plateaued.
  2. Ophthalmology teaching has shifted to the preclinical years.
  3. Educators have used opportunities outside of traditional curriculum time to teach students and develop their skills in ophthalmology.
  4. Programs with a Director of Medical Student Education had higher rates of required and extracurricular exposure and higher rates of faculty engagement with medical students.