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Oral Presenters, Moderators and Discussants

Below are instructions on how to upload audio visual presentations.

Standard Audio Visual: AUPO will provide LCD projection, screens, microphones, and pointers. Use of personal laptop computers is not permitted. All oral presenters are required to use the widescreen 16 x 9 2024 AUPO slide template. (*Exceptions are Organization Reports and AUPO/RPB Resident and Fellow Research Forum presenters.) For help on how to use the slide template, click here.

Many of the sessions will be recorded. Please complete the Permission to Record form no later than Wednesday, January 17, 2024.

Presenter Instructions Emailed December 21

Additional Presentation Information:

  • Check printed program or online program for session schedules, and when applicable, the Educating the Educators syllabus.
  • Your podium presentation must be in PowerPoint, Keynote, or Prezi format, and must be uploaded to the media management system prior to the meeting.
  • All presentation uploads must be received by Wednesday, January 17, 2024. Not finished? No problem. You will be able to make edits to your presentation onsite in the Speaker Ready Room up to four (4) hours prior to your presentation time.
  • All slides will be presented from AV-provided laptops; speakers will not be permitted to present from their personal laptops.
  • Embedded videos may be used, and should be prepared and tested ahead of time.
  • All presenters are requested to include a disclosure slide at the beginning of their presentation.
  • You will be provided a comfort display monitor in front of the podium.
  • SPEAKER TIMES ARE STRICTLY ENFORCED. Edit and practice your talk to make sure that it fits your time allocation.
  • Plan to be present for the entire session at which you are presenting.
  • All presentations should:
    • focus on educational content and be free from commercial bias or influence
    • include balanced, objective discussion of any products, include all relevant therapeutic options and alternatives, and be based on scientific methods generally accepted in the medical community
    • use generic names in activity content, or if trade names are used, include the names of products produced by several manufacturers
    • fairly present both favorable and unfavorable information
    • disclose limitations of data and information, such as ongoing research, interim results, unsupported opinion or preliminary data
    • disclose if an unlabeled use of a commercial product, or an investigational use not yet approved for any purpose by the governing regulatory authorities will be discussed
  • File naming: Please use the following convention for naming your file:
    Last Name-First Word of Presentation Title
    e.g. Smith-Advancements.pptx

Upload Presentation by January 17