AUPO Annual Meeting

The 2.5-day Annual Meeting program offers discovery through formal lectures; brief, focused paper presentations; roundtable sessions; workshops; posters; panel and large-group discussions, allowing learners varied learning formats and experiences. Our unique programs - Educating the Educators, Boot Camp for New Chairs, and Administrator Boot Camp - offer enhanced learning opportunities. Parallel programs for residency program coordinators and department administrators contribute to the overall educational development for the academic department team.

Educating the Educators

Our model forum, created by residency program directors, focuses on faculty development and engagement, curriculum development, and resident education. Communicating critical content to medical students and residents requires effective teaching and mentoring skills. Symposia, free papers and poster sessions, provide a platform for exchanging and exploring innovative approaches to training and counseling with an emphasis on evidence based practice and results.

Administrator Program

The administrator educational  program provides professional development, networking opportunities, and resource solutions for academic administrators in departments of ophthalmology.  Over two-and-a-half days, administrator attendees explore unique issues on topics encompassing clinical operations, financial management, human resources, compliance/risk management, information technology and more.

Administrator Boot Camp! This complimentary half-day program will provide administrators with advice and perspective on successful strategies for leading departments of ophthalmology. While the course is designed primarily for new administrators within three years of hire, any administrator who is registered for the annual meeting is welcome to participate. Separate registration is required.

Residency Program Coordinator and Manager Program

Residency Program Managers and Coordinators play an integral role in residency education. Two full days of educational sessions for program coordinators will enhance communication between programs, bring forth novel ideas and improve ophthalmology education. Presentations are designed around contributing to efficient and effective transitions and best practices related to the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), Ophthalmic Knowledge Assessment Program (OKAP), American Board of Ophthalmology (ABO), SF Match and AUPO Fellowship Compliance Committee (FCC) and systems.

Boot Camp for New Chairs

AUPO’s innovative Boot Camp for New Chairs provides chairs, within approximately three years of hire, with advice and perspective on successful strategies for leading departments of ophthalmology. Structured as a two-year program, topics rotate as follows:

  • Odd Years: Managing Departmental Finances, Building a Culture, Understanding Human Resources and Associated Challenges, and Philanthropy 101
  • Even Years: Recruitment and Retention of Faculty, Mentoring, School and Hospital Relationships, and Work Delegation and Work-Life Balance

Contact the AUPO office for more information about this program.